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Market Knowledge

Typical “agencies” may think J.I.T. is jet fuel, SPC is a high-performance lubrication, and Lean Principles is a weight loss program. McCue & Associates knows better. Industrial products, market segments, prospects, buying cycles and channels of sale are more complex and technical in nature than consumer markets. And it is our area of expertise. Manufacturing marketing requires specialized skills and knowledge – qualities that typical agencies and communications firms don’t possess. Consider the following:

If an “agency” does not understand a company’s …

  • Products,
  • Markets and applications,
  • Technical industry terms,
  • How they are supported and sold,
  • How sales, engineering and production are structured,
  • Sales channels and how they are supported,
  • Distribution networks.

… Then, it is impossible for them to add enough value or to effectively market the company. In this scenario, you spend inordinate amounts of valuable time educating overpaid junior staff, directing them to your markets, writing copy and establishing programs and content. In return, at best, they facilitate your direction and then send exorbitant invoices.


On the other hand, experience matters most. McCue & Associates employees have backgrounds in corporate industry and marketing as well as the creative skills required to plan and execute effective marketing programs. This unique blend of industry knowledge, experience and innovative skills generates consistently high-quality work that’s on target and in focus. Add this to a highly efficient work process that flows easily and you can spend more time doing your job and less time managing your “agency”. In short? You get better results, faster and at reasonable fees, delivering unbeatable value.